Photo by Sarah Pannel

Cu Table 

From the designer's i-phone photo of a Melbourne sunset taken one spring afternoon, the Cu Table takes its name, shape, perforated image, and finish.

This table is designed to meet the challenge of evoking an emotional response similar to that of a cloudy sunset. ‘Cu’ stands for Cumulus, which are clouds that appear to be puffy, cotton-like, or fluffy in appearance.

Through playful curves and abstract reflections, the Cu table aims to provide a fun and gentle distraction from the world around us.


Cu Table Reflection for Misc Objet show ‘TRANSPARENT’ as part of Melbourne Design Week 2022. You can find the information and price lists here︎︎︎

About The Process:

“Due to the precise and fast performance of the CNC technology, the table is believed to save energy and cost in comparison to traditional methods.  

The tables zinc coating protects and endures the life cycle. Zinc coating on steel does not restrict steel's recyclability and all zinc-coated products are recyclable. While recycled with other steel scraps, zinc-coated steel volatilizes and can be recovered allowing for this design to be recyled completely, in two parts.

The Cu Table is considered a collectible piece made with a slow furniture-practice approach, made to order, and with a lifetime-loved philosophy.As a concept-driven piece, the Cu Table has a thoughtful position in the current furniture market.

Though it may not be for the average consumer, its intent and materials endure beyond that to ensure it is in good hands for a long time to come, with proper care.

Additionally, powder coating can extend the life of the Cu Table even further and is available in many colours.” 


If you are interested in the Cu Table, please get in touch via

Size : W 100cm x L120cm x H40cm

Material : Zinc Plated Steel, perforated steel. Also available in Powder Coat finsih. 

Photo’s by Sarah Pannel and Annika Kafcaloudis

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