FOLI - 2020

A collection of sculptural aluminium furniture. Foli originated from a brief to suit a florist’s store-front. It engages and connects audiences outside to the wide range of flowers on display.

This project explored the various radii needed to create a soft wave effect out of aluminium using the appropriate machine tooling. These pieces are all made by hand by local fabricators with one component being cut with a CNC machine.

The design focuses on craftsmanship and sculptural elements in everyday pieces of furniture whilst engaging colour in the home and encouraging an optimistic/playful mood for your space, whilst being obviously, inspired by flowers and in particular, their ability to catch your attention through colour combination.

Foli comes in the four colours listed below. If you are after a custom Foli piece pease get in touch via email.

Size : Stool - H 408mm W 404mm
           Coffee Table  - H 360mm W 996mm L996mm

Material : Aluminium, Powder Coat

Colours - Sky Blue, Wineberry, Lavender and Cream (One Pictured raw)

Prices and more information available via Jolie Laide >