All limestone pieces are inspired by natures lines and arrangements within the geology, flora and fungi of Australia.


Lime One is a first collection by Lauren exploring organic bush and garden form. A particular focus on tulips can be found in two of the pieces out of the collection of six and is complimented by additional flowing, rounded ‘mounds’ representing various rocks, hills and objects found in the bush, garden and creeks nearby. 

Each piece is unique as they are sculpted by hand with no help from machinery, because they are hand sculpted this means they are limited in size. All pieces from Lime One collection are made to order, however, no two pieces will be exactly the same giving you a unique sculpture. 


Limestone sculptures, plinths and objects are available via email or in person. If you are interested in a custom project, please get in touch for availability and to discuss your idea. 

Size : Varies
Material : Limestone, Sealant (dries to a natural finish)

Pre Orders for Lime One are now open, please get in touch for prices.