Lime One is a series of limestone sculptures inspired by tulips featuring rounded, voluminous and playful forms stacked vertically to create plinths for practical purposes.

Both sculptural and functional, the collection evokes a playful and soft mood in its intended environment. 

The pieces are handcrafted and made to order without using machinery or power tools, making each one truly unique.

Although Lime One pieces are sealed with a naturally drying sealant, they are porous by nature, so they are best used with placemats and coasters for protection.


Limestone sculptures, plinths and objects are available via email or in person. If you are interested in a custom project, please get in touch for availability and to discuss your idea. 

Size : Varies from width 30cm x length 30cm x height 40cm to width 40cm x length 40cm x height 60cm. 
Material : Limestone, Sealant (dries to a natural finish)



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