PEA CHAIR - 2017/2020

A design that started in 2017 during Lauren’s studies at RMIT for a ‘Communal Space’ brief. The project was reborn during a statewide lockdown during 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic. This led to a passion for local production and to work with like-minded designers and fabricators. 

The Pea Chair is inspired by Verner Pantons ‘Visiona 2’ installation -1970 and organic forms found in flower pods such as the ‘Sturt Desert Pea’ wildflower and the Boronia Magastigma found in Western Australia’s Great Southern and northern regions. The design aims to play with soft, subtle form alongside bright colours and various textures to evoke moods dependant on its user’s environment. 

The Desert Pea Chair is made from ‘GECA’ (Good Environment Choice Australia) certified polyurethane foam, locally in Naarm/Melbourne. Upholstery can be chosen from a wide range of fabrics sourced in Naarm with a patchwork-upholstery range (coming soon).


All upholstery is removable in a slip-form, meaning you can wash, store away and change the slips to suit your mood or space. The seat and back-rest are made from a soft-plush foam which allows you to sink into the chair, whilst the remaining core is a hard foam, to hold the petal-form and light-weight feel.

Size : 68x65x112cm

Material : GECA Certified Polyeurethane High Density Foam, Upholstery Varies- swatches avilable

Prices and more information available on request >

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