The Ngooringa or Desert Pea grows mainly in the arid regions of central Western Australia and South Australia. The Pea chair is a note to a childhood spent in the northern Karijini lands surrounded by red dirt, rolling spinifex mounds, and vibrant colour palettes.

The chair responds to the flowers’ outstretched and flowing features, vibrant colors, and impactful presence. Taking inspiration from the landscapes of Western Australia’s northern regions, the form highlights the softness of the land, despite its perceived toughness.

Featuring a core made from 60% reconstituted foam, a base made from certified Tasmanian Blackwood timber, and upholstery made from 100% recycled materials, this chair emphasizes a sustainable approach to furniture design.  

The Ngooringa Flower and the Pea Chair, both able to withstand temperatures of considerable measures, also face similar fates and employ nature or nurture to survive.

The Pea Chair Set was made for the RMIT Furniture Design Graduate Exhibition, ‘Emerging Objects’, which exhibited at Marfa Gallery from November 25th-28th 2021. 



Bent-Laminated Hoop Pine (FSC Certified)

Tasmanian Blackwood Veneer (FSC Certified)

Reconstituted Foam 60%

GECA certified Foam 40%

100% Recycled Upholstery created from 47% Sustainable Tencel lyocell, 28% Recycled Wool, 20% Recycled Acrylic, 5% Recycled

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